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6 Important Functional Tips for Better Product Photography

I have written various product photography tutorials and I wanted to express a clear concept for functional tips on making progress your product photography.

  • Lighting
  • Backgrounds
  • DIY Wood Planks
  • The ‘EL Bokeh’ Wall
  • Everyday Household Items
  • Composite


  1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in product photography. How you use light in your product when photo shoot will make a great difference in the final output. Here are 3 tips that how you can use light on your product photography.

Small DIY Reflectors:

I can recommend you using in almost every product shot is a collection of small DIY reflectors. You can easily make them from illustration board, aluminum foil paper or silver gift wrapping papers and some clamps. I use this bouncing and reflecting light for fill, back & kickers.

Gradient Reflections on Products:

To know how to get gradient reflections on product photos is a must if you wish your photos having a non flat look that comes when you use a light tent. The easiest way to do this is by putting an extra diffuser between the light & the subject.  The reflective surface acts as like as a mirror so you need to get the right angle for the reflection.

Light Painting for Product Photography:

I have always been a fan of light paintings, but trying distinct techniques of integrating it into my workflow which started with a tutorial on “how to light paint using iPad and iPhone”. Subsequently, I depicted how it can functional to photographing watches to make a unique look of product shots.


There is another key thing after lighting that can include extra spunk to the product shoot is applying different backgrounds to praise your products.

  1. DIY Wood Planks

You can use DIY wood planks widely for your product shots.  For this you can buy used wood planks and paint them to give a cool look for the backgrounds for product photography or food photography.

  1. The ‘EL BOKEH’ Wall

El bokeh Wall is vastly using technique for product photography. It is really very simple technique but it results wonders in a photo. Just collect some silver gift wrapping or aluminum foil paper and crumble that into a ball. Then place it to the background of the product after that point a gelled flash on that. Shoot with a wide opening to give the background looking as like as a wall of bokeh.

  1. Everyday Household Items

You do not need to worry about all of you product backgrounds. You easily can use some objects around your house sometimes household items can work better than any other expensive things.

  1. Composite

Lastly you should know how take a composite product shoot can help you creating attractive pictures that will save your time as well as money. For details of this technique you need to search on google “how to do a composite product shoot”.

Combining all the above techniques you can able to avoid almost all the problems of product photo shooting!

You can also use photoshop or other photo editing tools for clipping path or background removal or remove unwanted objects from your product photography and gets a wonderful look.