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audiotester software free download now

AudioTester Software Free Download

Hasan Mishuk
Hasan Mishuk

AudioTester is an effective tool used for audio measurement in your PC (Windows-based). And it turns your computer into an audio lab where you can measure the frequency signal of different kinds of sound or loudspeaker’s crossovers, intonation responses of the loudspeaker, and contortion of audio tools. Generally, you can test the files of mp3, FLAC, OGG Vorbis, and WavPack whenever you find any difficulty in playing them. However, this audio tester will let you get the solution to find out any of their stations.  

Audio files are formed of huge formats, and the encoders ensure their quality. But these qualities can vary by using file sharing, moving, cutting, modifying, or compressing. Even anyone can change them from their original quality by editing. As a result, these functions can lose or corrupt your files. But if you want to find out about these problems, you need free audio tester software. It works on high-quality sound cards on Windows-compatible computers. The sample rates limit up to 192 kHz, whereas the data width will be 24 bits.

audiotester free download audio tester
  • Asynchronous impulse analyzed
  • Spectrum analyzed with Fast-Fourier-Transformation (up to 1024k points)
  • Frequency response analyzed with Dirac and MLS impulses
  • Impedance plots of loudspeakers
  • Alteration files to create the frequency response linear
  • Supporting of complete level units ( DB V, DB U ) after calibration
  • Storing diagrams as bitmaps, JPG, or text files
  • Clipboard and Print functions
  • A Time Diagram is above the frequency-diagram
  • Sweep Analyzed (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Not more than 8 curves with up to 8 Y scales of a 2D diagram
  • Tones and sounds to wave files
  • Presets setting for all
  • Measurement of power vs distortions
  • 3D Diagram over the frequency diagram
  • Measurement of thiele small parameter
  • Show filter for the curves
  • Distortion, Level analyzer, and (THD+N) with several filters
  • Copy from curves with drag and drop
  • Leveling of the diagram to 0dB = max. value or 1kHz
  • Measurement of single harmonics ( H2 – H9 )
  • Optional ASIO Supporting
  • storing of single curves
  • Online help ( German and Englisch )
  • Online support for wiring diagrams
  • Diagram scale at the time of measuring
  • Adjustment files to make the frequency response linear

Confusing Features of Free Audio Tester Software

It can drag the files or folders over the main window. This process begins automatically and displays the files both in the pass or failed type. Although you can see the highlighted texts, you won’t save it directly. But you can copy them. Whenever we talk about the speed of audiotester, we become surprised. It’s swift and comfortable to use. With a view to maintaining a frequent result, it gives the whole pressure on the CPU’s cores. For getting the best performance, you must conduct the software strategically. However, if any file fails to pass the test, you can guess and consume why these are missing. They can be like bad starting sync, lost sync and unrecognized formats.

System Requirements for Downloading Free Audio Tester

  • Operating System: Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB or Higher
  • Processor Capability: 1GHz or Higher
  • File Size: 31MB

Final Thought:

Why do you want to get free audiotester software? Having some functional features and easy functionality, many programmers keep it on their list. Apart from other functionalities, “Passed” and failed” indicators are convenient for testing the sounds quickly. And after testing, you’ll use the MP3val utility to edit mp3 files

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