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Capture One VS Lightroom a comparison between Two Great Photo Editing Software

Capture one vs Lightroom, the two leading, powerful and effective photo editing software come up with so many segments that professional photographers and Graphics designers can fill the thirst of image editing service. This Two workable photo editing software is user  friendly for that the developer of them had to work hard to get the high-ending photo editing software. From the origin of Capture One and Lightroom, every changed/ development based on external or internal were remarkable and revolutionary.

The comparison between Capture one vs Lightroom is fighting as each of them has some unique and functional features. Both of them are RAW image optimizers, and every result of its tools healthy and effective. Who came first or last is not the main subject of this article. But the principal debate is that each of the programs; how much functional of Capture One pro and Lightroom during the photo editing action?

Thus, two image editing software refers that sometimes they are contradictory, sometimes they are relevant. In this writing, we crucially represent ‘Capture one vs Lightroom’ with the most recent information.

Mainly, Capture One is known as Capture one pro is a powerful RAW image post-processing software that is from Phase one (primarily name). However, getting the high-end photo editing performance, developers had brought the high volume of changes “Phrase one to Capture One Pro.” With the significant criticism of professional photographers, Capture One can quickly reduce RAW from JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PSD image files.

What is Lightroom?

Lightroom is the form of “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Creative Cloud Classic,” and people are mostly known to Photoshop Lightroom CC, an excellent image post-processing software. It is highly professional and functional, so it is a dear one to professional photographers and graphic designers. Apart from Capture One Pro, Lightroom is a RAW image optimizer. It interfaces easier for the learners.

Capture One vs Lightroom Pros

Capture One Pros

Adobe Lightroom Pros

  • Supporting Platform macOS and Windows
  • File reducing: RAW to JPEG, JPG, TIFF, PSD
  • File Importing: Quick and fast
  • Tethering feature
  • The fine image preview feature
  • Superb Noise Reduction
  • Amazing interfaces
  • Accurate color management
  • It is easy to sync images to cloud storage.
  • Present with Panorama and HDR stitching
  • When exploring the editing option, it gives a perfect result of taking snapshots and virtual copies.
  • It is simple for presets
  • Non-destructive editing which saves file data
  • Fast and simple photo books, slide shows, web galleries
  • File reducing: RAW to JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD
  • Simple and clear interface

Capture One vs Lightroom Cons

Capture One Cons

Adobe Lightroom Cons

  • No mobile version apps
  • No online file sharing features
  • No face recognition
  • No HDR merging capabilities
  • It is costly.
  • Limited file sharing
  • No particular photo sync
  • No plug-in supporting
  • The limited image editing feature

Comparison of Some Powerful Features Capture One Pro VS Lightroom:

However, both of them are powerful photo post-processing software. By measuring some technical skills of these Photoshop, it seems that sometimes Capture One Pro is informative and workable; again, sometimes Adobe Lightroom is better than Capture One. Let’s take a short overview of Capture One vs Lightroom.

Color Adjustments:

When you talk about color editing with Capture One, it offers you advanced color matching tools. Its superb color grading and adjustments can give the correct result of Graphics designers. Having a simple design user-friendly, Capture One is easy to correct the selection of every tool. However, ‘pick color correction’ is an eyedropper tool that offers you some external tuning parts for an image. On the contrary, Lightroom offers you a color-changing panel that is limited by its options.

Lightroom vs Photoshop


Basically, Capture One offers you a customizable interface that is extremely workable and technical. Here, the customizable keyboard for some particular tools and functions, Capture One, is advancing.   In this regard, Capture One is the real fighter against Lightroom. Contrary, there are some different types of Lightroom interfaces, and each of them does multiple tasks. But in terms of handling layers, Capture One bits Lightroom.

Custom Color Profiles:

Eventually, Capture One is better than Lightroom of comparing to the custom color profile. Capture One could develop a color profile by using a top-end digital media format system from the origination. From the camera preview, you can take your choice shoots. However, the developers help create such activity by keeping various color profiles for various camera brands and kinds. In this way, your picture bears an excellent quality. On the contrary, Lightroom shows neutral activities.

Camera and Lens Supporting:

Both image editing software is contradict based on camera and lens supporting. Generally, Lightroom is more professional for supporting RAW format to the latest camera, faster than Capture One. However, Capture One supports some particular cameras and lens, reducing RAW format (medium quality).

GIMP vs Photoshop

Organizing Images:

Whenever you want to organize the photos in terms of image editing, both of them are similar. But a comparison of version, Lightroom adds the powerful features than to Capture One. The latest version of the Lightroom adds a facial recognition algorithm technology that gives you customize the images.

Having dual version Adobe Lightroom is featured in photo editing organizing software. Mobile or tablet version allows editing the photos with mobile to computer, computer to mobile, and taking backing everything to the cloud. In this regard, Capture One lacks image optimizations.

Speed and Performance:

Comparatively, Capture One is fast and smooth, importing images, exporting images, generating, previewing, and rendering particular images on different layers and adjustments. Based on speed and performance, Lightroom is better on these functional tasks with its former program. But a recent version of Lightroom does not offer as fast as Capture One.

Price Value:

There is a similarity between Capture One vs Lightroom, in the term of pricing. You will find the similarity of both of the software based on subscriptions. However, for the monthly payment system, Lightroom is less costly than Capture One. Capture one (free version/ trial version) lasts a long 30 days. On the other hand, Lightroom is for 14 days.

Panoramas and HDR:

Generally, Lightroom( Latest Version) gives high-quality panorama functionality with the saving options in exporting DNGs in place of enormous TIFF files. And the HDR rendering of Lightroom is superb. But the latest version of Capture One doesn’t support Panoramas and HDR functionality.

Final Thought:

The criticism of Capture One vs Lightroom is contradictory based on some specific tools and functional activities. From the flexibility, featuring, and performance, Capture One offers accuracy. But with significant consideration, Lightroom is highly professional and easy to use.

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