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ghost mannequin product photography tips

Ghost Mannequin Photography Tips for Invisible Clothing Photos

Are you running a fashion product business through your online shop? You probably know it is all about appearance, delivering the products in an excellent way as if; it may conquer your buyer’s heart. Ghost Mannequin is one type of photography technique in that way you can show your apparels perfectly.

Why do you use a ghost mannequin or an invisible mannequin for your product photos?

Mainly, the ghost mannequin presents a 3D look of apparel. It assists the customers to show a realistic view that how the product is with the depth, a clean photo and you can check the quality of the fabric also fit may turn out if worn on the body.

This also gives a regular view of a product to the visitors as you show them on your web store, represents an improved branding acuity.

Ghost mannequins or invisible mannequin is used as an alternative to save money and time. In this process, you don’t need to hire models for your product photoshoot. By models, it would get some time to work & create chemistry for the models on how the pose may look like as well as to improved alignment among the brand photos. At the same time using a ghost mannequin take very simple and quick steps in style shoot and edit.

Read the following discussion to find out the top tips about invisible mannequin or ghost mannequin photography.

Select the Accurate Mannequin

There are various types of mannequins available in the market to capture ghost mannequin photography. For apparel product photography it is essential to choose a removable mannequin. It will let you isolate the unnecessary parts of the body. Whenever you want you can use full-body, the half body also you may take off the arms if needed. To avoid light reflection you had better use a matte mannequin. It is better for the white background. Similarly, you should concentrate on the size of your collected mannequin which will fit any apparel.

Iron Your Clothes

This is very important for an invisible mannequin. You should use an iron to smooth the shape of the cloths that will save your time at the moment of editing.

Make Sure it is Wrinkle Free

Even if ironed the apparel, like wear the top over a mannequin, take care that there are no wrinkles. Carefully, check the entire parts from the neck parts, shoulders, and edges.

It is Necessary to Use a Tripod

Tripod is very helpful to take photos of a ghost mannequin. It will allow you to take an ideal distance from the mannequin. It also helps to position your camera before the objects. So, if you want to get the best quality ghost mannequin photography then you must not avoid using a tripod.

Need to Use Pins and Clips

Using pins and clips is very important regarding ghost mannequin photography. When you use a mannequin for clothing photography pin and clips help to get a stylish shape. It is essential to tighten the loose area of the cloth for a perfect shape.

To Keep the Garments in The Right Place You Should Use Tapes

Some time it is very important for ghost mannequin.  The tape will help you to keep your photo more tighten and feet your actual shape.

Don’t Forget To Capture an Inverted Image Of Your Apparel

After taking the front and back shoot of your garment product you must take an inverted photo. Just inverted your cloth and put it on your mannequin and take a photo of the backside. You should be careful to take a neat and clean image of your clothing. Without the inverted part, you can’t make a ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin for neck joint service. It is the major part of ghost mannequin photography tips.

Get the Exact Light Exposure & Directions

For pure solid color clothes featuring exclusive texture designs, this is very crucial to get the exact light exposure in order for the detail to show up. In the case of light color apparels (white, beige) use underexposed light. Alternatively, you need to apply overexposed light in favor of dark-color (navy blue or black) apparel. Play around with the light directions to get the best effect from the photo. If you can follow the above ghost mannequin photography tips then you must get a perfect outcome from your ghost mannequin photography.

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