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deft group annual picnic 2020

DEFT Group Annual Picnic 2020

“Picnic means to remove chores of life and allows shifting a new stage of life.” Certainly, a picnic is a part and parcel of human life. It refers to take not only a good meal but also it helps to remove the monotonous of life. All most all the people would like to know outdoor with their dear and near one. Thus it gives great refreshment to every participator and inspires them to restart their life with new hopes and aspirations.

deft group annual picnic 2020

Arranging a picnic for a company or group or other is a great achievement. To relieve a monotonous task and give fun and enjoyment among the employments, DEFT Group and its associated branches have arranged a picnic tour. According to the yearly occasional ceremony, DEFT Group finalized a picnic party on 27th December 2020 together with Clipping Solutions based on following the compliments. The founder and CEO of the company is Mr. Hasan Mishuk who is an honorable person to all. With his strong and technical hand, he peacefully handles this big company. According to his direction, the company’s management team selected a picnic venue: Balalishighat, Fulchari, Gaibandha is geographically an important location in Rangpur Division, in Bangladesh.

deft group annual football tournament 2020

After reaching the destination, we took a short breakfast late in the morning. We hired a cooking and decorated team who started cooking and setting the stage immediately. After taking breakfast, the CEO and all the members of the DEFT GROUP visited the place. As the place is on the bank of the river, most all the members enjoyed the location by visiting boats, fishing, swimming, and playing games.

cooking time deft group annual picnic 2020

From the 100 employees, we selected two groups: (Yellow Team and Blue Team) for playing the football match. Both the teams were strong enough. There are 2 prizes actually for the winner, and runners up. Each team had 11 players and only a referee conduct the whole match. However, the expecting match began at 11:30 to 12:30 am. CEO of the company, members, and chief guests enjoyed the match. After the heart contest, the Yellow Team won by 4-1 goals.

entertainment time deft group annual picnic 2020

Having the opportunity of the river, all the employees took a bath. At 2:30 pm, the cooker announced that they could finish cooking, eventually; all the members enjoyed the appetizing food. In the afternoon, we all were waiting for the ending session and prize-giving ceremony. Our managing director called the ceremony at 4:00 pm. Before starting the occasion, the CEO and founder of the company deliver a short speech to his peace-loving employees. After that the main ceremony started, some staged a short drama, some of the employees sang a song and danced.

deft group employee of the year award 2020

After a bright ceremony, the CEO and chairman, and chief guest sat on their seat for finalizing the prize giving ceremony. Prizes are included for the football match, an employee of the year, and the common one. This year, the company decided to give 5 prizes for the employees who made the best performance (employee of the year) till 2019 to 2020. All the winners took the prizes from the CEO and the chairman of the company. There is a common gift to all the members of the DEFT GROUP. At last, the CEO gave the most expected medal/ prize to the winners and runners up of the football match. Then a big echo came out from the audience. As the day is getting darker, our chairman finished the ceremony by saying some words at 5:15 pm. However, the total day seemed like a festive mood and all the members departed the place with a happy mood.

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