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Deliver Clipping Path Service, Cut Out Background from Image and Removal Neck Joint, Masking, Drop Shadow,  Photo Retouching, Manipulation
and Other Image Treatment Service At cost effective price & make delivery within excellent Turnaround. 

Our Price is start from only- $ 0.35 Basic Clipping Path, Plain/Simple Path $ 0.45, Compound Path $ 3.20 And Others- As per Complexity & Quantity. Try Us Now!

Your Ultimate Clipping Path Service Solution

Clipping Solutions is a Photoshop clipping path service and cut out image background or removal service Provider Company in Bangladesh near India. It is one of the renowned offshore Graphic studios with state-of-the-art technologies. We are online based photo clipping path service provider, associated with more than 30 representatives in USA, UK,  Canada,  Australia, Italy, Germany and more other countries for instant customer support. Our vast production facilities and 24/7 availability gives us the power of dominating the photo editing field.

Clipping Path Service
Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is one kind of photo editing service which is generally applied for background removing from photos. This is also vastly used for object removal, creating multi-clipping-path, image masking, color-correction and any other photo editing services. Clipping Solutions committed to give the best effort to make your photo stunning. Our dedicated team always ready to do the best clipping path using the Adobe Photoshop pen tools manually.  Almost all type of photo clipping path services are available here.  Read More..

Background Removal Service
Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service is a mostly same as clipping path service. By this service we cut out the image background and change them as the requirement of our clients. Clipping Solutions providing the best-quality image background removal services to our 800 plus clients around the world. There are many renowned tools for image background removal but our processors use only Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and ensure 100% manual service. If you need background removal service just let us know.  Read More..

Photo Retouching Service
Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching is one of the most popular photo editing services at this time. This service used to correct any fault and enhance the appearance of a photo. Photo Retouching Service is a popular and frequently used service by a professional photographer, product photographer, Magazine publishers, advertising agencies, press agencies and modeling photographers. Clipping Solutions image retouching service consist of glamour retouching, portrait retouching, product retouching, human skin retouching and jewelry photo retouching.  Read More

Image Masking Service
Image Masking Service
Image masking service is one of the most popular and essential services need to remove very small and tinny edge from a photo or image. Image masking is not a very normal photo editing service rather it is very difficult and timely. Without practical experience no one can masking any image perfectly. Mostly, e-commerce and professional photographers need image masking service on the other hand website designers, advertising agencies, fashion houses, professional graphic designers need image masking service. Read More..
Shadow Creating Service drop shadow, reflection shadow
Shadow Creating Service

We have a special team for drop shadow creating service. It is a creative job but very easy for our expert team members. You may select us for any kind of drop shadow creating service. Though many of the graphic design companies are working in some particular sectors, we are totally different from them and their idea. applies drop shadow creating service for the clients to give a graphical effect which creates an illusion on the lower part of the image where they require adding a natural and real professional look. Read More..

Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint Service
Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Service

Ghost mannequin or neck joint is a product image editing service. Commonly we apply this to the garments items like shirts, t-shirts, pants, sweaters and other items. A photographer initially takes 2 or 3 views of a product photo with the mannequin or ghost, like front back or partial view. our specialists use the partial view of a photo to generate the neck division and make an absolute view as a real photo. neck joint service is one of the parts of a photo manipulation service. Read More..

Photo Color Correction Service
Color Correction Service
Clipping Solutions is remarkably providing Photoshop Color Correction services at very competitive price keeping the deadline with best qualities. Color Correction Service mentions a splashy issue in photo editing and as you need. Our Experts & Skilled designers can efficiently customize the color of any of your images. We have adequate graphics designers at our company these who are capable to deal all kinds of color correction services. Contact us to solve your photo color correction service as it is big or small amount. You are always welcome to us to solve the Color Correct job as you need.  Read More..
Vector Tracing Raster to Vector Conversion Service
Vector Tracing Service
Photo Illustration service is familiar as raster to vector conversion service this is also known as vector tracing. Raster images are contains dot when you try to extend your raster image it worsen pixel and loose the quality alternatively vector files don’t lose the resolution and you may enlarge vector image in any size. Vector images are useful for the logo designing companies, because logos need high resolution as well as high quality. Additionally, animation companies, banner design companies and digital printing companies need this service for exacting their services. 
Vehicle Photo Editing Service
Vehicle photo editing service
Image masking service is one of the most popular and essential services need to remove very small and tinny edge from a photo or image. Image masking is not a very normal photo editing service rather it is very difficult and timely. Without practical experience no one can masking any image perfectly. Mostly, e-commerce and professional photographers need image masking service on the other hand website designers, advertising agencies, fashion houses, professional graphic designers need image masking service. Read More..

Steps of our works

1. Send Free Trial or Request a Quote for the images you need to edited.

2. Receive an email with your done test images & price within 40-45 minutes.

3. If you are satisfied with the done test images & price send us your full project.

4. We will work on your project & check the quality in three times.

5. We will deliver you the done images within your turnaround.

6. You will make the payment &Sell lots of products and make your clients happy!

Clipping Solutions

Clipping Solutions is the name of a pioneer image editing service provider company established with a aim to provide ultimate Clipping Path Service, Image Masking Service, Image Editing , Image Masking Service , Image Retouching Service & so on with lowest possible price & within shortest possible turnaround. 

We are accomplished with more than 200 DTP professional who are highly skilled in almost all kinds of photo editing services like cut out background from images and removalimage masking, multiple clipping path service, reflection shadow creating, image manipulation, ghost mannequin or neck joint, image retouching for beauty enhancement, raster to vector conversion or artwork and so on. Our goal is to make your images neat and clean for an attractive look.

Clipping path

Clipping Solutions has become famous to work with Lithographic companies, pre-press companies, have gained so much complements and testimonial from photo studios, database publishers, stock photography company, printers, publishers, advertising ,communication ,design agencies, brands, store chains, franchise companies, mail order companies,  online retailers, wholesalers and manufacturing companies.

We have been working in this industry since last 10 years. And we have gained solid reputation in working field with skilled experts who are graduated from renowned Graphic Arts Institute of Bangladesh and India.

raster to vector conversion clipping path service

We are different from our related Clipping Path Service Provider company, because we are only one who are committed to provide 24/7/365 instant feedback and customer support. We try to don’t take more than one hour. We are only one who is capable to make the delivery on right time of any large or small project.  We always keep our supreme quality for every single image.

Now-a-days photo editing becomes an essential job for so online shopping companies. They search highly qualified outsource image editing companies like us from different part of the world to fulfill their image editing needs, clipping paths & Photoshop Retouching Services.

Clipping Path retouching with shadow

The development of modern technologies has blessed the online shopping owners. These get rid of their headache regarding their photo editing. They need bulk image editing regularly just sending them to us and fully concentrating to their business and gaining more profit.

If you have an online shop and need regular basis photo editing just send your raw images with the detail instruction to us and let us work on it. We will work on your photos till the fulfillment of your final requirement. Just think us as your own Graphic People, are ready to serve you instantly as you need.

We provide services to all over the world. We have branch office in USA, UK, Canada, Japan & Australia. It is not a matter how far do you live? Just think your Graphic People are here with you all time. Our motto is quality & due to our motto we use latest graphic software for good result. We will take care on your images and make them faultless and attractive. Only Clipping Solutions can make your business easier and hassle free.

Payment Method

If you have Large Size, Extra Large Size or Huge and Enormous amount of images and you need a Regular Basis File Transmission then FTP System is the best method to Upload and Download your files.Click Here For Tutorial

Bulk Image Process

For purchasers seeking a bulk image improvement and other clipping service, not with standing however the giant employment, Clipping Solutions is that the graphic studio for outsourcing you’ll trust. We can process images at less than $ 0.30 cents each! We’ve worked with a number of the biggest catalog and content suppliers from round the world and pride ourselves on our ability to undertake Brobdingnag  comes with pressing deadlines, and deliver impeccable results.

Client Reviews


“We were totally satisfied with this service! Fast, affordable, easy, active excellent customer service, and payment method. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for photo services.”
Jack key
Product photographer, USA

“Clipping solutions is an excellent Professional photo editing Service. Impressive turn around on all projects. I have continued to come back for all my Photoshop Bulk work and will continue to do so in the future.”
Jon leaon

Director of UCB Germany

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