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GIMP vs Photoshop Which one You should Use

GIMP vs Photoshop: Which One Should We Use?

Two giant image post-processing programs (GIMP and Adobe Photoshop) are vastly used in photo editing sector. But which is the best image post-processing software is the main point in this writing. Whenever you desire to install Photoshop on your computer, you must consider the features and maintenance quality. 

It can’t recognize which type of software is novice or advances? What kind of feature is useful for editing the photos, and what tools are better for fixing the imagery issues are the principal of GIMP vs Photoshop’s comparison. However, we showcase a short overview of GIMP vs Photoshop and try to find out the result. Before starting this writing, we can represent a short brief about GIMP and Photoshop.

GIMP denotes GNU that refers to an image manipulation program. It is also called an alternative of adobe Photoshop. Obliviously, it is a massive photo editing software; its subscription is free. We can easily download it as its platform is open source. GIMP is twinkling for its many capabilities such as printing program, photo retouching, online base image editing program, mass image editing program, creating image format, making color matching, photo converter, creating animation, etc. However, almost all image-based programs are remarkable, as well as quality maintenance. From an early age, GIMP is rich in adding new features adding year after year.

A Short Discussion: Photoshop

Today or a few years ago, Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful and the most popular image editing software globally. From the amateur or experienced photographers has a common expectation is Photoshop whenever they come to work with a photo or design. Thus, having opportunities in retouching, color correction, image compression, file formatting, and image-based programs, there you will find superb popularity around the world. Whenever you measure the quality of any image editing, you will never comment there. But today’s Photoshop and ancient Photoshop is not the same because of adding a lot of features inside.

A Short Overview on GIMP vs Photoshop

Primarily, there is a big difference between GIMP vs Photoshop: GIMP is free and open-source photo editing software, whereas Photoshop is proprietary image editing software, which is total via paid subscription. In 2013, Adobe Photoshop decided to change its subscription model, pricing, and other fascinating features; then, GIMP did not verify that. However, year after year, there is a great variation in their later invention.

In 2021 the Photoshop charges for the subscription for $99.99(yearly subscriptions); whenever you want to purchase it, you have to charge $999: Photoshop CS6 Extended. Still, now GIMP is free, whereas you will find the hard contest between GIMP vs. Photoshop. However, the key variation of GIMP and Photoshop is the price. Though GIMP is free, you cannot take GIMP with less importance. And both of the interfaces are similar from the look and task. There are also so many similar photo editing software’s which help photographers to edit their photos.

GIMP: Pros

  • No cost, totally free. You don’t have to pay for a subscription or download.
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux compatible.
  • Platform: Open source photo editing software and works for digital photography in mind.
  • It is a lightweight software that is why all the freelancers and photographers choose it.
  • GIMP contains numerous plug-INS (third party)
  • Needs lower system requirements to operate.

GIMP: Cons

  • The Mobile version is not available.
  • GIMP doesn’t recommend autosave as the common file type JPG, PNG.
  • There is a lacking of professional programs.
  • Update tools and the feature is similar to GIMP to Photoshop.
  • Its communal software is not standard classified.

Photoshop: Pros

  • A professional image editing software.
  • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, and web-based compatible
  • Its communal software is of standard quality.
  • RAW image editing and gives regular file format
  • Creative cloud access with a subscription plan

Photoshop: Cons

  • Photoshop’s lower version is free, but the full version is very costlier.
  • A subscription charge is available.
  • The free version, Photoshop Express, does not support on Mac Operating system.
  • Need high configuration PC for installing it.

GIMP vs Photoshop: Which one Should We Choose?

Above mentioning comparison, it is tough to get out which one is better for digital image editing software. Price is a great factor in choosing your Photoshop software. If you are a professional photographer, you need to have your graphic community to pay a large amount of money. For that, you need a standard quality of Photoshop and its advanced tools and features.

On the other hand, if you are a learner and have a great passion for being a professional photographer. For that, primarily, you need to know the color matching of your image or task of the image filter, photo retouching or image enhancement, and others, you don’t like spending money. So, choosing GIMP can be the right kind of image editing program for your site. For the novice photographer, GIMP is rich in features and factors. But whenever you consider commercial purpose, certainly Adobe Photoshop bears a great impression on an editing software, so that is the top-notch product image editor.

We recommend Adobe Photoshop to have better opportunities. Having many features like free and paid version, professional in quality, and RAW image compression, you can take Photoshop for your professional or non-professional task. Whenever you compare with your thought about GIMP vs Photoshop, Photoshop is the right kind of image editing software of having all potentialities.  

Final Thought:

We’ve already criticized both the giant photo editing software and showcased side by side features with some potential data at the bottom line. We’ve already talked about the most advanced software, one that added the best free photo editor. By considering the quality, pricing is no matter. In this regard, Photoshop is better than GIMP.

Also, having some dissimilarity between GIMP vs Photoshop, we can easily differentiate: Photoshop is better than the GIMP. From the digital photography skills as well as techniques, we certainly vote for Photoshop software. 

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