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Six Great Shoe Photography Tips

Many photo shooters believe that it is easy to shoot footwear products. But only the successful shoe photo shooters know hidden skills of taking decent footwear photos.
From this article, you’ll get some important shoe photography tips.

For the shoe photography, you need to have a high quality camera and lens. Before footwear shooting, the shoes need to dirt free and spot free; similarly it should be in
a glossy look. Then it would give prefect images. 
Some essential steps are necessary for catching illustration. During the time of capturing, there you will find many possible shooting points. An experienced photo shooter knows the actual timing. Let’s know the great shoe photography tips that help you for your e-commerce business.

  • Need a pair of shoes
  • A set of shooting instrument like light, camera, tripod etc
  • Need some chopsticks
  • Soft cloth, brush and gel to clean shoes
  • Need a white reflector or white cart

Clean up Your Shoes

If you find your shoes in faultless condition, it is helpful for capturing a great image. This product gives you not only for eye-catching product but also it saves your valuable time. Visitors generally like to choose that product in e-commerce business.

Before footwear photo shooting, cleaning is necessary. For this purpose, it has a great importance for keeping necessary equipments. To reflect the product shinning look, you should refresh your product with these items:

  • Soft brushes
  • Soft cloths to polish
  • Need chopsticks for placing the shoes
  • Tissue or paper for stuffing
  • Use canned air for getting new and glossy look

Adjust the Light Properly for Product

In footwear photo shooting, you need actual lighting that helps your photos stand out a bit. So, light set up is important for footwear photo shooting. You need enough lighting for that purpose. You should allow much light on both sides of your shoe. The shadow at the bottom of the shoe is necessary for footwear photo shooting.

If you have found metal elements on your shoe, try to focus on that part. For that you need a white cart or a reflector that allows you to get a details photo. Make sure on about the front fill and you need a white reflector. If it not too much bright, keep it on lower exposure on your matter.

You need light at the front part of the shoe but you do not need over lighting that disrupts the image and add a bit light to the background.

Use Exact Cameras and Lenses

You can set up your lens in an actual position that it shouldn’t distort your product. Try to avoid that and it ensures you are on a decent f stop to get everything in focus where you want to get in focus. It will help your camera’s depth of field. Take a lens of 15mm or more so that you don’t distort the look of the shoe. With the lens, you will not change the shape of the shoe. You will find that wide angle lenses tend to distort the product.

By using tripod, you can take any shutter speed for your choice. It gives you to reduce the ISO and it doesn’t get a noisy image but you will good image with nice sharpness. Additionally you are in a right choice that it is f stop; it helps to give a nice clean image.

Focus Effective Angles:

Viewing angles is important in footwear shooting. The aim of your shooting might be right in angles so that the customers easily get much information each point of the shoes and decides to purchase.

Before footwear photo shooting, you must choose an exact angle. But what angles are helpful especially for your side? So, you have to overcome from this situation with your well experience. Here some angle shoots:

1. Single Angle:

shoe photography tips single angle

For the purpose of single footwear photo shooting, you take it from side. Your illustration is only one shoe. So, capture it from side for your profile shot.

2. Front Angle Shot

shoe photography tips front angle

Keep the pair of shoes in one place and shoot them from the front. Here you can focus the first shoe.

3. ¾ Angle Shot

shoe photography tips 3 4 angle

Accordingly, you can capture the second shoe. Then you can turn the pair of shoes slightly to the side. Now, focus the first shoe and capture it.

4. Back Shot Angle

shoe photography tips abck angle

It is a kind of detailed shoot. You can focus on the front part of the shoe. On that part, you have to clean all the elements before taking capture.

Image Enhancement

shoe photography tips photo enhancement adding shadow

Camera, light, location etc. are okay; hence there is a question. Are they useful in social media or web?

 You can use your images in many stages. So, you need your images for edited. In the footwear photo shooting, you need clipping path, background removing, retouching, and color correction and so on for editing your photos.

shoe photography tips photo enhancement background removal

Photo editing meaning makes the photo as a professional from the original photo. By this task, you can also remove unnecessary element from your image and give a professional look what you wanna do. If you are business owner, you need to edit shoe photos and for that you should keep a professional photo editing group. If you not, you can hire some professional editors around the world. Clipping solutions offers the best photo editing around the world.

You should mind the file destination

According to your image size, you can choose the right format. The image that you want to upload your website without editing, there JPG is right. But if you want additional editing, you can choose a RAW image. So, it is an easy way to edit your RAW image which exports to JPG or TIFF and others format.


By following these tips, you will get some ideas for capturing some nice footwear shoot quickly. Actually it is useful, if you maintain proper time for clean up your products, choosing the right angles, adjust the light properly, photo editing etc for getting an eye-catching illustration without wasting time.

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