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Neck Joint Service

Neck Joint Service is a kind of Image manipulation service. For developing online shopping mall has took places to the owner of the web shop who sales Shirts, T-shirts, Pants, Sweater & all kinds of Garments products.

Generally photographer can’t shot a full view of garments; generally photographers take shots of Front Part & back part & our experts show the full view using Photoshop by joining the neck part & creating a ghost part combined with the color of garments. The final finished products look as natural that nobody will understand that the ghost part is created by someone. If you have a look to our gallery images you will understand deeply.



Clipping Solutions has a big team only for this services. We are engaged with many online shopping mall, buying house, and textile & garments factory of all over the world. We have a large volume of capacity to perform ghost mannequin service for our big client.

This service is also called Ghost Mannequin Service. In this case there need to remove the Ghost from the inside of garments. If you have both front part & the ghost part than it is easy to combine this two parts to make a original garments using neck joint technology. If there has no photo-shot of neck part in this case our expert will create the neck-part using their creativity.


If you want to outsource your this service you should consider some things to choose a neck joint service provider. Working Turnaround is the most important thing. Working Turnaround will increase the amount of profit in a second, an hour, a day, a week, a month or in a year. So try to find out a neck joint service provider who is efficient & who will able to deliver your done images within shortest possible time & help to grow your business in so fastest. Clipping Solutions is a standard neck joint service provider company & its expert performs their jobs using digital & analog methods to provide excellent quality. Before believing our words you can send us some free Trial images to judge quality & turnaround.

If you have any query of our popular service then contact us & get instant feedback. You can also judge our quality sending a couple of images in order to apply neck joint service as free trial.