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Amazon Product Photography Guide for Ecommerce Brands

If you run an e-commerce business on Amazon then you know it very well, photo editing is highly essential for your business. Photo editing has an effective contribution to your sales and customer satisfaction. In today’s e-commerce landscape, a perfect product photo is playing a major role in increasing sales and building brand awareness. It is true that high-quality images play a crucial role in the e-commerce brands that sell products and services on the Amazon platform.

Professional Amazon product photography is all about attracting customers and influencing them make a purchase. Keeping this idea in mind we have discussed the professional Amazon product photography guidelines for eCommerce brands and how to optimize so that it also accomplished higher sales on the Amazon marketplace.

What Is Product Photography

Product photography is a kind of commercial photography that presents a product in the best possible way in the form of photos or images.  Product photography helps buyers to differentiate between products and influence them to buy the product that looks attractive. The most important thing, a product’s photo should offer new value to the customers.

Without any value, no one will buy them and will not spend their money on the products or services. However, if the products or service offers exceptional values to the customer, then they will buy it. Thus product photography utilizes some techniques to present the products in an appealing way to attract potential buyers to make a purchase. For these reasons product photography is highly essential for generating e-commerce sales.

How Does Photography Increases Conversion Rates?

Photography plays a major role to increase the conversion rates for e-commerce sales. We are in the age of visual communication.  The visual data have a significant impact on our life. From an e-commerce visitor’s conversion perspective, visualization works as a primary factor to convert a visitor to buy the product. If the product photo is attractive then the customer responds to it and buys the product. Thus photography can increase the conversion rates and impact positively e-commerce sales.

In the case of an online buying pattern, a visitor of an e-commerce site first attracted to the visual elements while not the written text. In a survey, it is found that about 90% of the information communicated to the human brain is through visual elements. We respond better in a visual medium. For this reason, it is very essential to make your product visually attractive. In e-commerce photography or product, photos are the only way to create such an appeal and communicate messages with the customer. If you can ensure the perfect product photo for your e-commerce brand you can easily convert your site visitors into your buyers.

Amazon Product Photography Tips

As we all know product photo have a major role in Amazon sales. . Whether to buy a product or not – solely depends on if the product is visually appealing. In online decision-making process is heavily influenced by the buyer’s mindset. If you can give an enjoyable customer experience to your e-commerce brands on Amazon they are sure to buy your product. There are some strategies and tips on how can we make our product photo attractive to the website.

The following tips will make your Amazon product photography more appealing to the visitors. For example, from the product viewing perspective, the plain white background creates a more professional, and much cleaner view of your product photo. If you can maintain the following tips on your Amazon product photography, you will get tremendous results on visitor conversion.

  1. Make a consistent plan for product photography that represents your brand.
  2.  Try to give a white background for your product photos. It works like a magic to make your product photo more attractive and well identifiable.
  3. Lighting is another factor to make your photos glowing and taking the viewers’ attention. Try to give the natural daylight effect to your photos.
  4. Image resolution is important for your product photos to be clearly visible. Try to give the image resolution high as it can give a cleaner view when minimized and expanded at the screen.
  5. Your product photo should fit into the context. Thus pay attention to the product size as customers can view the product as a whole.
  6. Show your product from different angles as viewers can better understand the product features. For example, if it is a furniture item, make sure you take the photo from the maximum perspective and angles as viewers can better idea about the product. This helps to make the buying decision easy for the customer.
  7. When you take your product photos for Amazon site display try to use a tripod to take your product photo. A steady surface will allow you to take a much-focused image without any blur effect.
  8. Try to eliminate unwanted objects that distract the attention of buyers.
  9. Try to give some natural effect as viewers get more interested in your product. Apply the shadow effect when appropriate.

How To Take Product Pictures For Amazon?

It is important how you take the product pictures for Amazon. In e-commerce, every product photo is vital for sales. Thus if it lacks the perfect look and feels about your product, you will definitely lose sales. For your product photos, you can either do it at your in-house photography and photo editing team or you can outsource the photo editing to a third party. We know hiring a professional photographer may be expensive. If you minimize the product cost you can outsource your photo editing service.

Many online photo editing service provider gives total support for e-commerce photo editing. Clipping Solutions is one such company based in South Asia is an expert in e-commerce photo editing. The best thing is about this company is it will provide you excellent e-commerce photos to display at Amazon at a much lower cost. Whatever policy you take to display your brand on Amazon, make sure you give the best photos that grab the buyer’s attention.

Amazon Product Image Requirements

When you give your product image at Amazon e-commerce site for sales. You need to maintain some guidelines regarding your product photo. For the product photos those you submit to the Amazon market place, you should maintain the following technical specifications:

  1. Set the image dimension at least 1000 pixels or higher, at the height and width level.
  2. The image format it important. Make sure you product image is within all of these formats:
  3.  GIF (.gif),  PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) and TIFF (.tiff or .tif).
  4. Both the CMYK and RGB color mode is allowed for your product photo. Therefore try to maintain these color mode specifications when you submit your images at Amazon.
  5. Your product photo should follow some naming conventions like 13-digit ISBN, Amazon ASIN, JAN, UPC, or EAN followed by a period and the name of the file extension (For example P008163787.jpg or 775678967800.png).
  6. There should not be any special characters in your file names such as spaces, dashes, or any other special character. Violating this rule will prevent the image from being published on the Amazon website.
  • The product image should be authentic and there should not be any fake addition to it.
  • The main product photo should not contain confusing objects.
  • You are not allowed to draw or illustrate your product image.
  • Every image should be professionally taken by a photographer or the exact scan copy that gives the real smooth edges and exact color.
  • Any kind of promotional stickers, jewel cases, or cellophane that gives a false impression of the product are not permitted to show in the product image.
  • The entire product image should be set in the allocated product photo frame.
  • The product’s main portions must fill 85% or more of the image area.  Product images must not be blurry, have jagged edges, pixelated, or are cropped by a frame edge.
  • Product photos background color is recommended to be white or RGB: 255,255,255 value.
  • Any kind of exaggeration is not allowed on product description in forms of graphics, inset images, or text.
  • For books, music and DVD/video should be shown as the front cover and that cover page should occupy 100% of the allocated image’s frame.
  • Any kind of offensive and immodest material is not allowed to show a product picture that creates mass objection or public hatred.


Finally, we can say product photo editing is a way to enhance and help grow the rank of your brands in the Amazon e-commerce market place. Your brand’s product photography positively affects sales and customer satisfaction. Thus the e-commerce brands that you are displaying on Amazon should focus on this area of product photography. A photo conveys more messages than written text. As buyers on Amazon have little time to judge your product or services, a perfect product photo can be the right message to attract them to buy.

Customers prefer good-quality photos more genuine and authentic. They are willing to buy these products and want to repurchase from the Amazon website again and again. If it enables them to convince about the product quality by a perfect product photo.

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