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Importance of AB testing on Improving User Experience

Importance of A/B testing on Improving User Experience

A/B testing is highly essential to improve your site performance and user experience. If you’re not doing A/B testing for your site, you’re losing site visitors.  It lets you know more about your customers’ choices and preferences. Also it helps to conduct a marketing campaign based on customer’s behavior. Read this article to understand how A/B testing can improve the user experience of your site. Here we discussed the importance of A/B testing methodology can be applied to improve UI and UX design of your site.

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What is A/B Testing?

Actually, A/B testing, known as split testing, compares two different versions of a web page, product photo, site navigation layout, and page visiting the area to get the result of performance. A typical A/B testing is given one version page attribute to one group and the other version to another group. Then tried to find out which group gives the expected result. It’s more like a competition comparison of two versions of your site element that gets the top click and traffic.

Importance of A/B Testing to Improve User Experience

Performance Importance of AB testing on Improving User

Truly speaking, you can’t masseur the importance of A/B testing in digital business. There is a notion that if you can measure it, you can improve it. So it goes with figuring your site attributes with a comprehensive A/B testing. You may use A/B Testing to test almost every feature of your website to see the user action. You can try the color and layout of two different product photos, changing the font and size, or the menu layouts. 

Your ability to achieve customer satisfaction and business goals depends on the amount of effort you put into improving your product’s user experience (UX). In a recent study from Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout or design is unattractive and having poor user experience. The site improvements happen through intensive testing product design elements and their effects on the product page. UX improvement encourages us to make data-driven decisions on what design elements impact users the most and encourage them to complete desired actions.

In 2020 more and more companies are realizing the importance of UX design and A/B testing for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Now companies are more willing to spend on testing expenses because A/B testing proves cost-effective than product redesign and manual research.

How Can You Apply A/B Testing to Improve the User Experience of Your Site?

Getting the best result in A/B testing, you need to have a long term plan. In short term plans, you may not have the full impact of your site performance. Without a thorough and comprehensive test plan, you may waste your time and money on testing. Always take the best practice of A/B testing and action plan; those are the most relevant to your test goal; possibly, this will give you the best test result. Design two or more several versions of the page element that you want to test, get the number of site traffic and a percentage of your visitors to the others, measure engagement levels, and activate the best result. 

According to a Forrester study, an improved UX design can increase conversion rate up to 400%, proves that investment in UX/UI testing highly cost-saving and reasonable for the company doing business online. For example, if you visit Clipping Solutions, you will find the perfect user experience elements on site pages. This company provides online image editing services for e-commerce and online businesses cost-effectively. To convince the customer and make them confident, the edited sample image is shown for each type of editing method, before and after the editing. By watching this, a customer can quickly get an idea about their editing service and respond to necessary Call to Action.

A list of A/B tests those a modern website can apply

  • Calls to Action (CTAs)
  • Attractive Headlines: Generate user interest and engage them.
  • Product pricing and promotional offer layout: Which generate more sales
  • Product pictures and placement on page: Which location and product image get more clicks?
  • Design and page layout: Provides better navigation to the user
  • Timing and method of sales: Right after purchase, or just before?
  • Forms submission: Simplified CAPTCHA with few boxes.
  • Social Proof such as customer reviews, testimonials, and endorsement: Give customers and visitors confidence about the product or service.


Finally, it can be said that there is a immense importance of A/B Testing. This is an essential and necessary tool for the modern website owner and online marketer. It isn’t easy to rate the A/B test result unless you’ve got the real data from your experiment. It may seem quite complicated and cumbersome at the first attempt, as you approach this testing method. It requires a lot of effort plus patience to get the expected result of your testing variables like customer conversions, Call to Action, Page view, and many other UX/UI variables regarding user experience and site performance.

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