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A woman thinking How to Boost E-commerce Sales during Covid-19

How to Boost E-commerce Sales during Covid-19

COVID-19 global pandemic hits almost everything from lifestyle to how we do business. E-commerce is not out of this crisis, and this sector is immensely affected by the implications of Corona Virus. The global pandemic brings both the opportunity and threats to the existing pattern of the online e-commerce business. The situation and business activity are changing rapidly. In this pandemic, people are encouraged to stay at home and do most of their daily activities. This causes people to buy more online ever before as people are staying at home and prefer to buy from home. E-commerce is the best option to fulfill the daily needs. 

Ultimately e-commerce is gaining the surge to supply the daily necessity of people. People are responding and approaching this period of uncertainty by isolating themselves, and this uncertainty causing significant changes to their shopping patterns and behaviors. In the time of lock-down, essential daily groceries are being ordered online, and customers usually avoid public gathering. Limiting shopping for all but buying the everyday essentials from online is becoming a new normal. In this blog post, we try to represent how to boost e-commerce sales during Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

The more people know and visit your e-commerce site, the more sales you can generate. The awareness of your website can cause you to acquire new customers and generate sales. Site awareness can even cause more repurchase from existing buyers. E-commerce providers have to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs. You can improve your site awareness in many different ways. SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be an excellent choice to rank higher on Google search page and cause more visitors to your website. 

Offering products and services with new and attractive images can create an appeal to your product and produce more sales. Therefore, site awareness is vital for online business. And this is how you can boost e-commerce sales during this pandemic period. Creating greater site awareness can even generate sales during the time of recession.

Engage with Your Customers on Social Media:

Now in these days of the Covid-19 crisis, social media is the most popular gathering place for people. As people gather more and more on social media, you, as an e-commerce shop owner, can engage with your new and potential customers by promoting your product and services on social media. You can engage with your customers by providing product promoting content in the form of audio, video, info graphics, and text. 

Whatever business you run online, you can improve your product through social media marketing. This has the potential to increase customer engagement and generate more sales. You can also notify your company’s social media followers about new product promotions, and encourage them to buy your product and services. These advantages of social media are becoming a popular medium to boost e-commerce sales during covid-19.

Give More Priority to Your Existing Customers:

Your existing and loyal customers are more likely to buy from you in this time of crisis. Because trust is a significant factor in buying online, as you have an existing customer base, you can communicate with them and provide them with your product and service according to their needs and preferences. Giving more attention to current and loyal customers can produce more sales. 

In online businesses, acquiring a new customer is difficult and expensive, where you can sell quickly to an existing customer. It would help if you gave more exceptional care to the current customers, as they can acquire new customers by referrals and recommendations to their friends and family members. You can motivate them to make more purchase by loyalty programs, in the form of the Covid-19 Awareness Program.

Experiment Your Online Service by AB Testing:

You can dramatically improve your site performance by the A/B testing your site. A/B testing improves your site performance; hence it helps to increase the conversion rate of your online customers and contributes to increased sales. You can evaluate and improve your sales conversion rate and marketing campaign by the data collected from the A/B testing customer’s behavior. A/B testing lets you gather some essential facts and figures on how customer buying behaviors are changing. 

What products they are buying more and which products and services they are looking for will help you identify what products and services you have to offer to your online customers. Stand out from competitors by implementing some A/B testing measures, also known as split testing, by comparing two versions of your web page, product description, USP, or other marketing measuring the difference in performance. Here in the A/B testing, you give one version to one group and the different version to another group of similar segmented customers. Then you can see the result and notice which group is giving you the expected result.

Improve Your Customer Service and Listen to Their Pain Points

The recent Covid-19 crisis caused your customers to adapt to the strange and uncertain situation. Therefore your online customers need appropriate support as they never feel they are isolated. Even they have pinpoints regarding the buying process. It will help if you improve the whole customer journey towards the end of product shipment. Suppose you can ensure that you can surely expect a rise in your online sales during this time of crisis. 

As a business owner, you are also experiencing similar uncertainty over your sales and gaining new customers. Try to improve the entire process of your service offering by fulfilling the customers’ needs and your own. You know your customers and their pinpoints better than anyone else. It would help if you took a stance to alleviate the buying difficulty. Then you can expect a better result regarding your customer service and their satisfaction.


We all are currently living in an uncertain situation. We don’t know precisely when this pandemic will disappear. The best strategy is to keep an eye and watch the changes due to the COVID-19 on your e-commerce business. And notice its impact on the existing e-commerce matrix. More and more companies are shifting to online. 

Suppose you’re facing a stiff challenge to run your e-commerce business to generate enough sales online. In that case, it is now more important than you can consider the strategies mentioned above to boost e-commerce sales during covid-19. It’s always better to ready for changes before its too late.

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